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You can add extras to your loan, and work out how a lump sum payment could reduce your monthly repayments.

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Weekly amount is only for illustrative purposes. You can make fortnightly or monthly repayments.
p.a. online fixed rate, comparison rate p.a.1 Total interest payable
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$350 to pay the loan establishment fee.

This is a one-off charge to process your ANZ Online Secured Car Loan. Add it to your loan if you like.

/ week


Buying a new or used car from a dealer?
If yes, you can borrow more than 100% of the car price for extras like accessories.  

trade-in value for your old car.

A trade-in will reduce your loan amount. How much can you get for your car? One of the online car sales websites might be able to give you an idea.

/ week

to be refinanced.

Do you still owe anything on your old car? You could bring that over to your new car loan.

/ week

to pay for your on roads.

If you haven’t factored in things like rego, stamp duty and dealer delivery, we suggest allowing for an extra 10% of your car price.

/ week

$3,200 for the upgrades you want.

Include genuine manufacturer’s accessories and even your servicing costs. You can edit the amount below.

/ week

Lower your monthly repayments

Make your monthly repayments more affordable.

If you’re planning to sell your car when your loan ends, you could reduce your upfront repayments by making a final lump sum payment2. This is called a ’balloon payment’ and could be as much as 60% of the car value.

Works best if you’re:

  • Hoping to spend more on your car
  • Thinking of reducing monthly repayments
  • Intending to sell when your loan ends
- $9.39 / week
Final lump sum ‘balloon’ payment $3,000
Final lump sum ‘balloon’ payments are only available for loans of up to 5 years.

Car age

Your maximum lump sum payment for cars under 3 years old could be up to 60%.2

Final lump sum ‘balloon’ payment

$0 ()

Apply now and be ready to buy.

ANZ Online Secured Car Loan suits you if

You can use your car as security

Get a lower interest rate than most personal loans

You need money for other car costs

You could borrow more than just the car price

You’d like the option of a lump sum payment2

Make your monthly repayments more affordable

If your car is more than 7 years old or less than $7500, please look at our other ANZ Personal Loans

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